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Environmental Design Diploma

Category Architectural Engineering
Duration 60 Hours
Base Price 2550 L.E.
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Course Description
Sustainability is the key issue in studying environmental architecture, with energy efficient buildings, renewable energy applications, passive solar design and the use of environmentally responsible materials some of the more practical applications in Egypt. Students interested in careers in environmental design can pursue professional and academic degrees at all levels of study. This interdisciplinary field is often housed in conjunction with architecture and planning departments within colleges and universities.
Course Target
Students learn about various environmental factors that are to be considered for sustainable, ecologically sound design responding to the environment to achieve optimal human comfort for users. Students will learn to carry out site analysis, energy simulations and to be more aware of environmentally conscious design proposals incorporating passive control principles and strategies. They will gain an understanding of which design elements can lead to better outcomes with clear guidance and recommendations powered by advanced simulation engines.
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