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Excellent Way Instructors

Eng. Kamal Ahmed Shawky
Engineering Consultants Group (ECG)

Instructor CV
Eng. Ahmed Essawy Mohamed
Engineering Consultants Group (ECG)
Eng. Wael Mohamed Abd El-Maksoud
Al-Naeem Consultants
Eng. Ehab Ahmed Sherif
Engineering Consultants Group (ECG)

Instructor CV
Eng. Nora Salah
Eng. Hassan Mamdouh Hassan
Teaching Assistant
Eng. Amin Atef Nabet
Assistant Lecturer
Eng. Ahmed Mohammed El-Gendy

Instructor CV
Eng. Shady Salah

Instructor CV
Eng. Alaa Saied Sayed Abo Lela
Eng. Amr El-Sayed Abd El-Samie

Instructor CV
Eng. Amr Abd El Rahman

Instructor CV

Excellent-Way Training center founded in 2011, we aim at providing quality training services in technical, management, consultancy tools, continuously reflecting and improving its services according to the needs of our clients
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